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The World’s Leading Automated Emergency Response Solution

Saving Minutes When Every Second Counts.

Over 10,000 Public Safety Users & 2,000 K-12 Schools Trust Mutualink

Mutualink is the only multimedia response solution that integrates seamlessly with other existing security tools and technologies and the only one that is certified by the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Link All Responders

School Safety

Automated emergency response

When a crisis occurs, our breakthrough technology enables communities to work together better and faster to save lives. 

  • Automated Emergency Response

Powering the best response, faster.

The single most critical factor in the successful resolution of an emergency is the speed of response.

  • Link All Responders

Built to Operate at LifeSpeed

Through our centralized dashboard everyone involved has real-time access to all the security systems, data sources, and communication methods they need to coordinate a swift, unified response to a crisis.

  • Instant Direct Communication

Your Lifeline for Peace of Mind

More than 2,000 schools have advanced their student’s safety by leveraging Mutualink’s ability to give everyone involved in a crisis real-time access to the most comprehensive information.


Learn how Mutualink can help communities respond better to save lives.

“The Mutualink solution has emerged as an essential component to solving public safety interoperability challenges on a national basis. Mutualink is a superior and affordable platform that works. And the proof is in the state and localities that use it.”

Hon. Tom Ridge

First Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security

The Gold Standard in Critical Response

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Join Our Partner Ecosystem

Mutualink’s partners deliver expertise and industry-specific solutions. Our valued partners focus on unique market challenges enabling communities to be safer and more prosperous by connecting communities worldwide via on-demand, real-time, intelligent situational awareness.

Our Clients And Partners

Building Safer, Smarter Communities

The intelligent platform that seamlessly bridges voice, video, IoT and data communications to connect people when and where it matters the most.

Solution Building Blocks

Connect to the Mutualink interoperability platform with system components and software.

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LNK360 product group

LNK360™ is the secure, intelligent communications platform that delivers True Interoperability®.

System Hardware Components


Product portfolio of next-generation multi-protocol gateways and edge devices.

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Software Platform

  • Leverage the value of existing land mobile radio (LMR) systems by integrating broadband (LTE) technology regardless of carrier.

  • Connect any smart building/smart city sensors, automate alerts and share data across agencies.

  • Multiple deployment options including SaaS, on-premise, and hybrid.

More Connectivity Than Any Other Company

Mutualink is the only multimedia response solution that integrates seamlessly and delivers freedom of choice when building a truly interoperable emergency communications system for your community and those who protect it.


School Safety


Commercial Safety & Security

Casino Security & Public Safety