System Hardware Components

Gateway NICs • Interoperable Workstations

Mutualink sells a variety of components to solve your most complex communication challenges. Our technology —both software and hardware— can be applied to thousands of individual scenarios to suit your varying needs. We consult with clients to select the right system components for each situation. Whether you are most concerned with school shootings, active shooter technology, on-site gun detection, push-to-talk capability or police panic buttons, we can assist.

Gateways (NICs)

Our Gateways are powerful tools used to connect disparate communications systems to the Mutualink multimedia network. Mutualink gateways for digital and analog LMR radio, video systems, IP data systems, allow users to communicate within their organization or between organizations in a way otherwise not possible. Choose among radio, video, telephone, drone and robot and sensor gateway solutions built to create secure connections between systems.

Available as virtual, physical or a combination of both, Mutualink gateways can involve both tangible hardware and cloud-based software. These Gateways provide easy connectivity among radio equipment — critically important to police and security forces who wish to add LTE push to talk with streaming video, text, location mapping and data sharing.

Our goal is to make communication faster, easier and more complete, so the good guys win — every time.


Video Gateway


Radio Gateway

Intelligent sensor gateway

Intelligent Sensor Gateway


Telephony Gateway


IP Protocol Gateway


K12 Media Gateway for Radio and Video

Compact Go Kit

The Mutualink Compact Go Kit is the most versatile field communications kit available. Carefully designed with input from Law Enforcement and Emergency Management customers, the Compact Go Kit enables field personnel to interoperate, communicate, share video and information, and reach back to command and control in the most hostile and austere power and communications environment.

Interoperable WorkStation

Your workstation is your command central for your security system. When someone in your organization hits the panic alarm button, information immediately begins to appear on your screen live, including texts, voice communications, surveillance videos, radio communications and more.

Our system brings all communications into one single dashboard. And these communications are also viewable to others in your network who may be using phones, radios, laptops or other devices.

We offer several workstations, including a desktop, portable and rugged workstation for those fighting disasters on the go, in remote locations or on rough terrain. The technology allows you to see and monitor multiple incidents simultaneously and access maps that can help you pinpoint locations at facilities or check traffic situations – invaluable information in a disaster or when a staff member activates a panic alarm button. Each device weighs between four and six pounds for easy portability and comes with a one-year warranty.

New IWS desktop

Interoperable Workstation


Portable IWS

Semi rugged IWS laptop

Semi-Rugged Portable IWS

Automate your emergency response and save minutes when seconds count.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We are extremely pleased that Valencia College has fully invested in Mutualink technologies and were able to share critical video/audio intelligence with our law enforcement partners, so that real-time decisions could be made based on real-time activity. In my experience, Mutualink has proven to be an invaluable instrumental tool for the success of any tactical operation or full scale training exercise.

Mike Favorit, Managing Director of Valencia College Safety and Security

Mutualink is not an application seeking a home, it’s a solution people need to discover

Overheard, at IWCE

Jeff, on behalf of Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, I want to share that last week we had a teacher push her panic button. She thought she saw someone with a rifle outside her window. The system worked perfectly. I received my notification and a Mutualink Edge event was automatically created. We communicated with the school system and the Comm Ctr via the intercom. All worked perfectly.

Captain Mark Pergola

We wanted this technology to save lives. The second reason we deployed it here, we wanted to put that ability to declare an emergency in everybody’s hands, but third, and more importantly, we want to have quick resolution to the problem.

Captain Rick Francis

What’s great about the Mutualink system is not only can I see the feeds of casino-owned cameras in real time, I can return the favor and share my camera feeds with them,” ACPD Det. Capt. James Sarkos in an interview with Homeland Preparedness News.

Captain James Sarkos

I like how streamlined the system is and how user friendly it is.

Online Reviewer, from Aviation/Airlines

Mutualink has been much more than a provider of technology; they have been a valued partner in public safety. Working together, solutions to improve communications and information sharing during emergencies were developed and implemented. Whether it was during my tenure at the Orlando Police Department or here at the University of Central Florida, Mutualink has helped make our community a safer place.

Chief Carl Metzger